Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WATCH/BREAKING: Cruz Super PAC Goes After Kasich In $445K Wisconsin Ad Campaign (FOLLOWING MONEY IN 2016 POLITICS)

The pro-Cruz TrusTed Leadership PAC began a $445,000 ad campaign attacking Ohio Governor John Kasich in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin GOP primary on April 5 is shaping up to be another pivotal moment in the (now) three-way nomination battle.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is looking to KO Kasich so that he will have a one-on-one race down the stretch with Donald Trump. His Super PAC (one of them) is attacking Kasich as a "liberal" and tries to tie him to both President Barack Obama and Democratic billionaire George Soros.

The Super PAC - initially financed by John W. Childs and a Texas oil company (Kyle Stallings) - yesterday spent $442,000 on an ad (or, ads) hammering Kasich, and another $3,431 on pro-Cruz posters.

Here is the ad that the PAC just uploaded to the internet:

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