Thursday, March 24, 2016


A pro-John McCain is beginning to advertise the Arizona Senator's virtues to voters, according to an FEC filing this evening.  The sometimes-controversial Arizona Grassroots Action PAC is spending $31k on a "media buy" to support the Senator in his bid for a sixth six-year term.

Belying its name, Arizona Grassroots Action is anything but grassroots. A VERY interesting mix of ten contributors has donated nearly all of the $1M the Super PAC has gathered, as described in this accompanying article.

AGA's new filing (below) does not include any expenditure for production of advertising, and its website does include a 53-second online ad mocking primary primary opponent Kelli Ward, and the YouTube channel does have a 30-second spot trying to link primary general opponent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1) to President Barack Obama.

A previously-(untimely-) filed report does not include production costs for a "supporting McCain" (vs a "opposing Ward" or "opposing Kirkpatrick") ad. Most likely, the new ad campaign will either run the as-yet filed anti-Kirkpatrick ad or an as-yet posted (and, as-yet filed) new ad.

Once AGA PAC responds to our inquiry or new information becomes available, we will update.

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Petescrunt said...

Because your wasting my time watching anti Kelly Ward ads on Youtube I will definitely vote for her now.