Friday, December 16, 2016

Arpaio Admits That He Is "Down", Needs To Stay Out of Jail; Asks Supporters To Give To His Opaque Legal Defense Fund; Lies That It is "100% Tax Deductible"

Less than 20 hours after closing the book on his years-long investigation of Barack Obama's birth certificate (with a dud), Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told supporters that he is "down" and needs them to give unlimited donations to his legal defense fund in order to help keep him out of "JAIL".

        (The full email is reproduced below.)

This is not the 1st email solicitation from the shadowy "Joe Arpaio Legal Fund"*, but it may be the Melendres v. Arpaio.
most over-the-top as the Sheriff prepares to become a private citizen facing civil contempt of court fines and criminal contempt charges, all stemming from his and his office's willful violations of court orders in the racial profiling case of

However, his Legal Defense Fund pleas had always taken a back seat to his pleas for his campaign account. Now that he has lost his long-term hold on the Sheriff's badge, he can use his fundraising magic for personal use; that takes off the shackles of campaign finance limits.

He urges his fans to make a "sacrificial donation" and (incorrectly) tells them that it is "100% tax deductible.  The donation page that a supporter is taken to does not  correct that significant error; however, a Google search for the "Sheriff Joe Legal Defense Fund" leads to a page that does inform people that it is "NOT-TAX DEDUCTIBLE" (emphasis added) and that large donations may trigger  gift tax liability.

All the pleas emphasize that there are no limits to whom may give or how much, and they only specify that the funds will be spent for his "legal defense" or "to defray any legal expenses".  This is very significant because the question of whether Arpaio will have to pay any fines or penalties out of his own pocket is still an open question. Understanding his sizable campaign warchest and his ability to raise funds, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow has previously stated that the Sheriff may have to be found personally liable for any fines, and the ACLU has asked for a $300,000 personal fine.

Not only are Maricopa County taxpayers still paying for some legal fees in the contempt matters and are paying the Court Monitor who is overseeing the MCSO's compliance, but Arpaio is personally represented by a Washington, D.C. firm and the local Jones, Skelton & Hochuli law firm. The civil contempt case is active (Responses to Arpaio's motion to demand the Judge recuse himself were filed today).

The Legal Defense Fund is an opaque entity operated by Summit Group Consulting, the same consulting firm that has run Arpaio's campaigns and made him into an unparalleled fundraising machine. There is no evidence that the fund is incorporated in Arizona (or, elsewhere). No public disclosure of the funds received or expended is required under law, especially once he is no longer holding public office.

It is very likely that any monies raised by the fund and disbursed to attorneys on Arpaio's behalf would be taxable income for the Sheriff.  On his personal financial disclosure statement that he signed and filed in May of this year, Arpaio did not divulge receiving any income from this fund, nor did he list any gifts, reportable interests, or personal debts. (The financial disclosure statement is below.)

*aka "Joe Arpaio Legal Defense Fund", aka "Sheriff Joe Arpaio Legal Fund"

Here's the December 16 email:
This may be the last letter I write you this year, so as a personal favor to me please read it all the way through. . . 

On Election Night the politically correct, "open borders" left achieved their ultimate goal by defeating me in the most negative, dishonest campaign ever seen in Law Enforcement history! 

But they aren't done yet, . They are continuing their sick vendetta against me - now with a costly legal battle that could land me in JAIL. This is just another example of the Left doing all that they can to tarnish my record as a law enforcement official. 

Help Defend Sheriff Joe
>>> Donate $75 >>>

You see, the ACLU has been after me for years on what they call racial profiling. In what was one of their most politically motivated, unjust and deplorable actions in recent memory, the Obama Department of Justice announced their intention to file Criminal Contempt charges against me one day before early voting started. Then, unbelievably, just two weeks before election day they actually filed these charges. 

This blatant, politically-motivated announcement had a huge impact on my race, and it is one of the main reasons I lost my badge in what was easily one of the most contentious campaigns in the nation. 

Now, the Left is continuing to kick me while I am down by waging a costly legal fight against me. Frankly, there is no way I will be able to afford the legal defense I need on a retired public servant's salary alone. 

Help Defend Sheriff Joe
>>> Donate $75 >>>

I am prayerfully asking that you make a sacrificial donation of ANY AMOUNT you can afford today to the "Sheriff Joe Arpaio Legal Fund." Your contribution is crucial and every dollar you contribute is 100% tax deductible and will go straight toward my legal defense. 

, I have spent my entire career defending the constitution and supporting law and order. The Left has been trying to take me out for years, and now that they finally have taken my badge they want to go even father and send me to jail. 

I am going to fight this every step of the way because I know that I have done nothing wrong and that JUSTICE will prevail, but I can only do so with a strong legal defense. 

Help Defend Sheriff Joe
>>> Donate $75 >>>

You have been a loyal friend and supporter of mine for many years, and I need you now more than I ever have. My very freedom hangs in the balance. 

Please make a gift of ANY AMOUNT you can afford right awayto the "Sheriff Joe Arpaio Legal Fund." Every dollar will go toward my defense. 

Thank you for all you do, 


- Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona 

P.S. , it's no fun facing angry, relentless legal persecution, and it's incredibly expensive, too. I can take the harassment, but I sure could use your help with the costs, so please make an immediate contribution of any amount today. 

And, please remember, unlike a political campaign, there are no limits to what you can give – and any amount is greatly appreciated! 


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Arpaio Investigation of Obama Birth Certificate Ends With a Dud; READ: MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio News Release

No suspects on the supposed forging of the publicly-released Obama birth certificate. Two investigative leads - the woman who had her birth certificate supposedly used as the "original source document" for the Obama one, and her friend. The friend convinced the woman to turn over her original to one of the chief propagators of the forgery allegations - Jerome Corsi.

Only recommendations are that governments make it harder to obtain the security paper blanks that birth certificates are printed on.

Arpaio and Zullo kept the media sitting through a 65-minute presentation.

Here was Arpaio answering some of Arizona's Politics' questions about the investigation in September.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office news release on the Obama Birth Certificate investigation:

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READ: Lawsuit To Stop Arizona Minimum Wage Increase, Filed By United Arizona Chambers of Commerce

The largest Chambers of Commerce in Arizona banded together today with Arizona liquor license holders to file an emergency action in Superior Court to stop the minimum wage from increasing on January 1.

Proposition 206 passed easily in November's election, and gradually increases the minimum wage to $12/hour by 2020, and calls for paid sick leave.

The plaintiffs believe that it violates the Arizona Constitution in two different ways: (1) that it forces the state to spend monies without designating a revenue source; and (2) that the minimum wage increase and the paid sick leave are separate issues that should not have been combined in one initiative.

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AUDIO: Sheriff Arpaio Knew He'd Have To Close His Obama Birth Certificate Investigation Before Election; Hangups and Lashouts: A Lunchtime Interview With Joe Arpaio

As promised to in the interview below, outgoing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is holding his final Obama birth certificate investigation press conference this afternoon. (4pm, Arizona Time)

It may not have been intentional, and it may have been spur of the moment, but Arizona's Politics had a chance to question Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio about his long-running Birther investigation several weeks ago.

It took place in the aftermath of Donald Trump's semi-successful effort to put the "Birther question" behind him. Arizona's Politics immediately looked to Arpaio for his reaction; Arpaio was an (unofficial) co-leader of the eight year simmering effort alleging that Barack Obama's birth certificate showing that he is an American citizen eligible to be President was forged.

Arpaio is also a Trump surrogate, speaking for him at the Republican National Convention and traveling to several states to rally crowds on his behalf. So, when the Arizona Republic's Richard Ruelas finally got and published Arpaio's reaction, it grabbed the national media's attention. That prompted the Sheriff to respond to our previous (and, renewed) request along with returning national reporters' calls.

Apparently, however, it was because Arpaio (or, his press people) mistakenly believed that we were the local affiliates of the national Politico organization. Efforts to correct the Sheriff fell on deaf ears.

Arpaio seemed surprised that the interview became a more in-depth exploration of the birth certificate investigation than he had expected. At one point, the conversation was abruptly ended on his end. It took a few call-back attempts before he eventually answered and picked up the conversation.

Unfortunately, because his initial call was out of the blue and we were on the freeway, the first portion of each of the two calls went unrecorded until we could safely pull over in a parking lot or on an off-ramp. Further, the questions were completely impromptu, based solely on previous reporting and reporting from the more widely-viewed media.

In the interview, the Sheriff calls a former Cold Case Posse member "a liar". It was clear that Arpaio was referring to Brian Reilly, who Arizona's Politics has spoken with on several occasions. Reilly has provided extensive corroborating evidence to Arizona's Politics (and the Arizona Republic), and Arpaio's efforts to discredit him without any support are weak, at best.

(In the recording, Sheriff Arpaio gives CCP investigator Mike Zullo's cell phone number. That number has been edited out. Also, Arizona's Politics had spoken with Zullo in the past, and he was non-responsive.)

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