Sunday, October 14, 2012

A NEW CHAPTER! Gov. Brewer's JanPAC Jumps Into Campaign!

After raising more than one-quarter of a million dollars, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's SuperPAC is finally spending a bit of it on campaigning.  The eponymously-named Jan PAC, Brewer's own SuperPAC, spent $23,256.74 on Friday for a mail piece attacking former State Senator Kyrsten Sinema as she battles Vernon Parker for Arizona's new Congressional seat (CD9).

The Governor - and, her PAC - received much attention for the amount that JanPAC had raised, and how much was actually spent on buying copies of her book Scorpons For Breakfast, from Amazon (which helps keep up its rankings).  So, this first campaign-related expenditure is noteworthy.

Also noteworthy (although it has not received much attention), is that - while they have the financial means - the Governor and her family have NOT contributed to JanPAC.

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