Thursday, October 25, 2012

WIN GIFTCARD FOR DOING WHAT YOU CAN'T AVOID, ANYWAY: Campaign Commercials, Mailers  NEEDS your help to keep track of all of those nasty campaign postcards (etc) that keep flooding your mailbox! We also would like to know which of those 30-second ads you're seeing on TV or hearing on the radio. SOOOOO, to get your help, we are holding a drawing for a $20 Gift Card for iTunes or Amazon to get your help!

5 entries: Scan both sides (or, all pages) of the postcard/mailer. Black out your name/address, but leave the city/Zip. Save it in *.jpg, *.png, or *gif formats. E-mail it to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com, with a subject line of "CAMPAIGN MAILER". Include your name (no last names will be used in the blog), e-mail address, and who you will vote for for President, U.S. Senate (Arizona), and Congress.
5 bonus entries: If you are the first to e-mail that postcard/mailer and it is used in the blog.
2 bonus entries: In the body of your e-mail, identify any portions of the mailer that you believe are false or misleading (and explain why).
3 entries: Keep a log of all political ads you see or hear during a 24 hour period. Necessary information should be in this order: (1) date/time/station (2) name of person/group responsible for ad (3) who/what the ad was for or against (4) any info that identifies the ad from all of the other nasties running. For 1 bonus entry, provide a link to where the ad can be found on YouTube (or, elsewhere). Can send ad log once per day.
1 entry: No purchase or e-mail with postcard or ad log is necessary to enter or win. Just e-mail your name, e-mail address and who you will vote for for President, U.S. Senate (Arizona), and Congress to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com.

Deadline to enter is 7:00pm (Arizona Time), Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Drawing will be held on Tuesday, November 13, and will be announced on Winner will also be notified by e-mail. Arizona' reserves the right to disqualify any entry(ies) it deems to be inaccurate, or for any other reason.

Thank you very much for helping improve our news coverage of the election. 

We welcome your comments about this post. Or, if you have something unrelated on your mind, please e-mail to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com or call 602-799-7025. Thanks.

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