Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WATCH: John McCain Makes Appearance At Nationals' Game, Bemoans "Vast Left Wing Conspiracy By the Commie Pinko Libs"; TR Still Loses!

Arizona Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been an Arizona Diamondbacks' fan and regular special guest since the team came to town.  With the Diamondbacks out of the playoffs and the Washington (DC) Nationals winning the 1st ever Division title for the nation's capital, it was perhaps inevitable that he would pop up at Nations Park.

But, to cut a video to be shown on the big screen at the Nationals' game?  That hurts.

The Nationals have a nightly "race" for four big-headed ex-Presidents.  (The Diamondbacks have similar in-game entertainment, featuring four well-known ex-Diamondbacks.  By the way, could you imagine if we used four ex-Arizona Governors...?)  The running joke in D.C. is that President Theodore Roosevelt has never been "able" to win the race.

So, leave it to big TR fan McCain to threaten "a full investigation by the U.S. Senate" into any possible shenanigans.  (Hey, McCain has become involved in a few sports already!)

There are still two home games left for the Diamondbacks.  Will a 2nd McCain sobering-yet-rousing pep talk be in the cards?

Thanks to Politico for bringing this traitorous video to our attention.  And, here's the video of last night's race, the results of McCain's exhortations.  (I am sure he hopes Romney and other GOP candidates do not similarly fall on their faces!)

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