Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Making Point About Arpaio Undecideds, Republic Columnist Lends Credence To Arpaio's Campaign Manager's Poll

(UPDATE, 3:38pm: Ms. Roberts has commented on this post, in the comments under her post; I hope that she will edit her post, whether or not it is published in tomorrow's paper.)

I often appreciate the work that Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts does, but she knows better.  I am sure that she knows that Arpaio Campaign Manager Chad Willems is the President of Summit Consulting Group.

Yet, apparently in the interest of making her point about the large number of "undecideds" in the "poll", she lends credence to the poll itself.  She does not note that it was almost as if Sheriff Joe himself called people up and asked whether they would vote for him or his opponent.  She also does not take note of many of the other issues with the poll that our previous post addressed.

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Laurie Roberts said...

I didn't omit the info about Summit Consulting in order to make a point about undecideds. I initially thought calling it an Arpaio-commissioned poll made it clear that the poll was from the candidate and thus should be considered accordingly. When a reader suggested more specific info should be included about Summit I agreed and added it to the post. And you're right. I do know that Arpaio's campaign manager, Chad Willems, is Summit Consulting. :)