Tuesday, October 9, 2012

VIEW: The Romney Photo That Will Be Everywhere By Tomorrow; Hey, He Must've Had Something On His Slacks

Oh, my.  Hopefully, we can all see the humor in this surely-innocent reaction and the photo without getting all middle-school-humor and giggly and all.  (Sure, there will be some folks who will be outraged, and some who will make stupid remarks, and others who would have done the opposite if it had been the Democratic candidate who could have been the butt of the jokes.)

There must have been some reaction, because the Associated Press felt it necessary to make a "caption addition" to clarify.  Further, the 2nd shot provides further clarification.

Romney, posing with some school kids in Virginia on Monday:

Here's the link to the AP's "caption addition"!

By the way, here's the 2nd picture:

(By the way, I also like the reactions of the girl in the yellow and black shirt, watching the much-more-demonstrative girl.)

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