Monday, October 22, 2012

WATCH: Jeff Flake "Schools" Obama, Democrats; Celebrates 1st Grandchild, Hits On U.S. Regulations ""Locking Up Prime Mining Lands In Northern Arizona"

The Republicans chose Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake to deliver this week's national GOP Response to President Obama's weekly address, no doubt because he is locked in a key battle with Democratic nominee Richard Carmona.

Flake used "now that school's back in session" as the theme for his attack on Obama and the Democrats.  That gave him the opportunity to give a shout out to the just-born first grandchild for him and his wife, Cheryl, and to bemoan the amount of government debt already saddling the newborn Aidan Jeff Flake.

However, perhaps most notable (especially juxtaposed next to the well-worn DSCC ad (below the jump) placing Rep. Flake's face on Arizona canyons), Flake cited the Adminstration's "regulatory overreaches" as a reason for our economic woes ("it is no wonder that the economy is struggling").

His number one example is that the Obama Administration is "locking up prime mining areas in Northern Arizona from responsible mining".  That direct rebuttal of the DSCC's attack (and the DSCC ad) will be the subject of an upcoming Fact Check.

In the meantime, congratulations to the Flakes on the birth of their first grandchild - although I doubt that the Congressman will spend much time with the baby (and he is too young to bring out on the trail) during the next two weeks.

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