Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WATCH: As MLB Playoffs Start, The Republicans' Pull Unprecedented Anti-Carmona Triple Play

(UPDATE, 3:00p,m.: Thanks to the NRSC for e-mailing me the link to their ad, now embedded in  the article.)

On Friday, the baseball playoffs started.  We all know how baseball keeps statistics on everything, and we know how rare a triple play is (three outs achieved in one play).  In fact, there has only been one in Arizona since the Diamondbacks started play in 1998.

On Friday, there was a rare triple play in Arizona political advertising history, although we do not know how rare because statistics are not kept as fastidiously.  However, having been involved with campaigns and the media for too long (long before SuperPACs geometrically increased the number of negative ads), I can guess that this may be a first.

Just before Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers rocked David Letterman's show, KPHO (Ch.5 in Phoenix, CBS) had a local commercial break.  After one anti-Kyrsten Sinema ad, there were three ads in a row from three different groups attacking the Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Richard Carmona!

The conservative Club For Growth kicked things off:

The Republican nominee, Rep. Jeff Flake, was next:

The third play came from the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

Just as in a baseball triple play, some elements were out of the GOP's control.  Channel 5's traffic department had a large part to play, and the timing of the three ad runs had to mesh.  (It is a little surprising that it happened several days before the start of early voting, or election day.)

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