Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WATCH, AS SEEN ON TV: New, Old Ads Blur Together On Arizona TV's

("As Seen On TV" is a running series on Arizona's Politics focusing on which campaign ads are airing on Arizona at the moment. Here's a recent listing, if you think any of them warrant some additional checking, let me know!  (Also, remember to enter our contest for a gift card by logging the ads you see and hear, and the mailers you receive.)

Thanks to those readers who sent me their logs of the ads they have seen or heard.  This log is a compilation of all of the ad sightings logged and received within the past 24 hours.  The corresponding videos of the ads are below the Top 10. :

1. (4 sightings)  (NEW) The Congressional Leadership Fund has put big money (more than $500K) on an ad slamming Kyrsten Sinema for her "leech" comments. (CD9)

1. (4) Sinema's ad focusing on veterans' issues.

1.  (4) (NEW) Jeff Flake ad featuring Sens. McCain and Kyl bemoaning Richard Carmona's "lack of integrity" for airing archive video of same Senators praising Carmona when he had been nominated to be U.S. Surgeon General.

4.  (3) Majority PAC slamming Flake as a walking uranium time bomb.

4.  (3) (NEW) American Commitment running a positive ad for Flake.

4. (3) Joe Arpaio's ad bragging on how he helps educate juvenile offenders. (15 seconds, so it repeats twice in the 30 second block)

4.  (3) Now Or Never PAC's spot urging voters to not let Carmona in the door.
4. (3) NRCC's ad that voters in CD1 "deserve better" than Ann Kirkpatrick
9.  (2) NRCC's ad amplifying Sinema's "leeches" remark.
9.  (2) The NRSC's ad calling Carmona a "rubber stamp"
9.  (2)  Kirkpatrick's ad with cowboys blasting "Lobbyist Paton"
9.  (2)  AFSCME attacking Flake's "extremism".
9.  (2)  The ad (that does not verbally announce its sponsor at the end) using Sinema's "Prada socialist" comment.

One mention: DCCC on Parker, Carmona's McCain/Kyl ad, DSCC's new ad with a breast cancer survivor blasting Flake, Flake's "The Choice" spot, AFF's anti-Kirkpatrick spot, Club For Growth's "Wow" ad blasting Carmona, Penzone ad, Ava Arpaio spot.

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