Friday, October 26, 2012

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Just Let Your Money Flow; NRSC and DSCC Hit $6 Million Mark On Flake-Carmona Desert Duel

Too many things to do, too little time.  Too many Independent Expenditures flowing in Arizona, not enough time to investigate them as we'd like.  Here's a listing, if you think any of them warrant some additional checking, let me know!  (Also, remember to enter our contest for a gift card by logging the ads you see and hear, and the mailers you receive.)

--National Rifle Association has been drawing a bead on Arizona lately.  Today, they filed that they spent $5,000 ($5,080.45) on phone calls for Rep. Jeff Flake's Senate campaign.  (First NRA expenditure for Flake.)  They (actually, a different NRA entity) also sent out postcards to support Martha McSally (CD2) and Vernon Parker (CD9) - about $1,700 each.  All three are Republicans.

--Club For Growth dropped more than $300,000 to increase its TV advertising in favor of Flake and against Richard Carmona.  That brings their Flake total to a staggering $1.65 million, and their close ties have been discussed here before.

--The National Republican Senatorial Committee ("NRSC") put another $1.4 million into its advertising effort against Carmona.  This brings their total on the race to $3.4 Million.

--The NRSC's counterpart, the Democratic Senatoria Campaign Committee ("DSCC") plunked down another $100,000 on advertising, bringing its total in the race to nearly $2.6 Million.

--Making their 1st appearance in Arizona, the Ending Spending Action Fund - which has been active in the presidential race - spent $250,000 in advertising time today (and another $13,000 producing the spot).  They are opposing Carmona in the Senatorial race.

(We'll try to get to more of these later.)

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