Thursday, October 11, 2012

WATCH: Arpaio's New Anti-Penzone Ad Signals New, No-Holds-Barred Phase Of Campaign

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio today began airing a tough new ad against his Democratic opponent Paul Penzone.  Together with anti-Arpaio ads that have begun to air sporadically, it is sure to kick this campaign into a new, tougher phase.

The new ad raises the domestic violence incident that occurred between Penzone and his then-estranged (now, divorced) wife.  The police report includes the he-said, she-said allegations.  She said that he pushed her (which he denies), and he says that she smacked him with their child's hockey stick (which she said may have happened).

The new ad takes the she said and runs with it, and adds a few details that the police report did not include.  It states that it happened in front of their then 10-year old, and the visual shows a much more extreme example of domestic violence.

Arpaio's campaign sent out to media a copy of the police report, the wife's application for an order of protection (which was quashed, along with husband's), and a statement.  We will publish those shortly.

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