Friday, October 12, 2012

AS SEEN ON TV: A Slew Of Campaign Ads, Many Straight From the Slough

("As Seen On TV" is a running series on Arizona's Politics focusing on which campaign ads are airing on Arizona at the moment.  Please add YOUR eyes and ears to this feature!)

The onslaught of campaign advertising - the slew of spots - comes as early ballots are finding their way to mailboxes across the state.  Of course, due to the competitive nature of several of the races - and the national attention they are receiving - we will likely continue to see this level (frequency) of messages.  And, they will probably continue to be at this level (negativity) or below.

Thanks to Diana B.'s and a-friend-who-wishes-not-to-be-named, we have been able to compile quite a lengthy list of ads that have been flooding Phoenix airwaves (need some Tucson contributors!) over the past 36 hours.

We will post the list now, and will supplement throughout the day as we are able to find time to find and add the ads.  The list is in order of number of spottings and (secondarily) chronological:

4: --National Republican Senatorial Committee ("NRSC") spot accusing Richard Carmona of being President's hand-picked rubber-stamp. (2 spots) 

3: --Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ("DSCC") ad focusing on Jeff Flake and women's issues
3: --Jonathan Paton ad for CD1, contrast.
3: --Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") ad attacking Paton.
3: --Club For Growth ad asking how well do you know Carmona.
3: --DCCC ad attacking Vernon Parker in CD9.
3: --No New Taxes On 204 says it is a permanent tax increase.
3: --DSCC spot attacks Flake by superimposing him on Arizona canyon faces with previous votes.
3: --Carmona ad emphasizing seniors issues.
2: --Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio positive message with wife Ava.
2: --National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") message attacking Kyrsten Sinema's comments about Scottsdale stay-at-home mom, CD9.
2: --DCCC says Paton is no friend of seniors.
2: --GOP-philic American Future Fund ("AFF") attacks Kirkpatrick.
2: --Sinema ad focusing on children and women's issues; she stands among them.
2: --Yes On 204:  Quality Education For Arizona features teachers extolling sales tax.
1: --NRCC tells Ann Kirkpatrick (CD1) that the party is over.
1: --Barack Obama says that Mitt Romney is after Big Bird (supposed to be humorous).
1: --Dem-philic House Majority PAC goes after Vernon Parker.
1: --No On 115 group criticizes proposal to change way judges are installed onto the bench
1: --Sinema with kids. 
1: --Arpaio levels domestic violence allegations (watch ad, read Fact Check).
1: --Flake ad featuring Carmona's supervisor while he was U.S. Surgeon General.
1: --Kirkpatrick spot addressing SuperPAC ads attacking her.
1: --Kirkpatrick spot noting her odometer in getting to know the district. (Oldie but goodie?)

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