Friday, October 12, 2012

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Under $1Million, DSCC Leads Way In Anti-Mt. Rushmore Ad

It has been another big (spending) day in Independent Expenditure ("IE") monies flowing (mostly) into Arizona.  Under $1Million, though just barely.  We'll recap here, and try to provide more detail in our "As Seen On TV" post.

-- The Democratic-philic House Majority PAC doubled down on its advertising against GOP nominee Martha McSally in CD2, spending $6,761.39 to produce a negative ad and $142,684.97 to air it.  That pushed them over the $300,000 mark in that race.

--Conservative group Freedomworks spent $35,000 on "Voter ID" to support Rep. Jeff Flake in the Senate race.  They have put boots on the ground in Arizona and have now spent over $611,000 in that race.

--The DCCC ("Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee") spent $11,150 to produce another negative ad against GOP nominee Vernon Parker in CD9.  They have put $684,000 into that contest.

--The Republican-philic Club For Growth spent more than a quarter of a million dollars (approx. $254,000) on mailers and e-mailers to support their long-time fave Jeff Flake.

--The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ("DSCC") threw down another $454,243 on its ad putting Jeff Flake on the sides of rocks (very unlike Mt. Rushmore).  The DSCC is approaching $1 Million in Arizona ($959,000).

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