Monday, October 29, 2012

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Flooding Of Arizona Airwaves Intensifies, Expected To Remain In Place Several More Days

Too many things to do, too little time.  Too many Independent Expenditures flowing in Arizona, not enough time to investigate them as we'd like.  Here's a listing, if you think any of them warrant some additional checking, let me know!  (Also, remember to enter our contest for a gift card by logging the ads you see and hear, and the mailers you receive.)

--Freedomworks for America, a Tea Party organization that has been on the ground in AZ for Flake during the past several weeks is inches away from breaking the $1 Million barrier.  It spent $76,548 for a mailer (copy needed) today, bringing its total to $982,911.24.

--The NRA continues to give attention to Arizona's tight races, today spending more than $60,000 ($60,807.72) for online ads supporting Rep. Jeff Flake's Senatorial bid.

--The League of Conservation Voters gave a major boost in its support to Richard Carmona, Democratic nominee in the Senatorial battle, funneling $105,000 to Terra Strategies - a consulting firm based in Iowa.  This brings their pro-Carmona spending to more than $677,000.

--SuperPAC American Commitment spent $100,000 today on TV and radio advertising to hammer Carmona.  The Center for Responsive Politics lists them as focused on what it sees as President Obama's anti-coal policies.  They have now spent $1.4 Million on this race.  (On Saturday, American Commitment filed that it had spent $50,000 on social media advertising.

--The NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) has put another $266,247.13 into media hammering former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in CD1.  Their total outlay on this race is millimeters shy of $2.5 Million.

--The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) threw a few more bucks in the pot opposing Republicans Martha McSally (CD2) and Vernon Parker (CD9), spending $108,756.79 and $9,822.72 for media, respectively.  (Totals are approximately $275,000 and $1.2 Million.)

--Senate Conservatives Fund spent another $25,571.03 to support Flake online.  Their total is now about $143,000; it is the SuperPAC created by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

--Locally-grown SuperPAC Arizonans For Jobs spent $40,000 for phone-calling in favor of Flake.  They have now spent more than $100,000 on the race.

--Conservative superpower Club For Growth is spending big on online advertising for Flake, plunking down $152,747.  They are now over $1.8 Million into this race.

--The League of Conservation Voters made a $400,000 TV ad buy attacking Flake on his positions and background on uranium mining.

--On Saturday, the NRCC filed its Friday expenditures on the three competitive Congressional races in Arizona:  $114,295.75 (total, $537,444.75) opposing Rep. Ron Barber (CD8-running-for-CD2), $180,046.13 (total, $1.4 Million) opposing Kyrsten Sinema (CD9), and $565.008.29 (total, $2.2 Million) opposing Kirkpatrick.

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