Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Tricks And/Or Treats As Newcomers Engage In Senate, House Campaigns

The independent expenditure campaigns are starting to get in their last licks as Election Day gets scarily close. Here are the ones filed with the Federal Election Commission since last night's post:

--Minutes ago, the American Future Fund filed that it has doubled its investment in the CD1 race, spending $500,000 (total is $1,002,675.22) to produce and air a new ad supporting GOP nominee Jonathan Paton.

--The super Republican SuperPAC called the Congressional Leadership Fund threw down in a big way yesterday, plunking down $572,748.88 on producing and airing an ad slamming Democratic nominee Kyrsten Sinema (CD9) for her comments about stay-at-home women (complete with bleeps).  (They even spent $25,000 on an additional web-only video.

--The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee produced a new commercial on Monday, targeting Flake.  They spent $50,889.09 on producing it, then $473,000 airing it,  bringing their total to over $3.1 Million.

--The DCCC put more moolah into its efforts against Jonathan Paton (CD1)  and Vernon Parker (CD9). It spent $518,049.15 on its most recent ad against Paton (total to date is just shy of $2 Million).    The DCCC also produced a new ad against Parker ($3,000) and spent $700,025.84 for media time to air it.  Their total in that race is also over $1.9 Million.

--The National Rifle Association spent $3,186.69 yesterday on postcards  supporting Rep. Jeff Flake's campaign for the U.S. Senate.  They then spent $28,301.25 to mail them. ($1,750 for graphic design.)

--The League of Conservation Voters spent $41,000 on phone calls oppoing Flake.  Their total is nearing half-a-million.

--The Ending Spending Action Fund put together a new ad supporting Flake, spending $18,000 on production and $250,000 on airing it.  Their total is over half-a-million.

--Women Vote!, which is a Democrat-philic effort of Emily's List, had been concentrating on mailers supporting Ann Kirkpatrick in CD1.  Today, they branched out, spending $93,778.45 on a media buy (plus $6,186.33 on production) opposing Republican nominee Jonathan Paton in CD1.  They also entered the CD9 race, producing and airing a spot opposing Vernon Parker in CD9 for $100,000.

--The National Right to Life PAC spent about $8,690.69 on radio ads on the Premiere Radio Networks, supporting Flake, Paton, Parker, and Martha McSally (CD2).  It is not clear whether there are separate spots for each, or just one for the GOP slate.

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Velcro said...

Apparently nobody considers it important to unseat Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva with his abysmal record. Gabriela Saucedo Mercer is gotten virually no monetary support. Not worth it???