Friday, January 4, 2013

Arizona House Republicans Vote As Block Against Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

Arizona's four Republican House members joined a minority of GOP Representatives in voting against the emergency Hurricane Sandy relief bill today.  The $9.7B borrowing package passed 354-67.

Representatives Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon, Davd Schweikert, and Trent Franks all cast their votes against the bill.  The overall GOP count was 161-67 (4 no votes). No Democrats voted against it.  (Arizona's five Democratic Representatives included.)

The bill (short text here) permits FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to borrow $9.7 Billion to help pay claims related to the October hurricane/superstorm. The Senate approved the measure by unanimous consent, and it is headed to the Presdient's desk for signature.  A second bill is expected to be voted upon on January 15.

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