Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon's Staff's Strong Family Ties To State Legislature; Lone Duck On Staff Saddened Today

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (R-CD5) announced his Congressional staff this week, with strong family ties to the current Arizona Legislature.  His Director of Constituent Services is Sherry Pierce, mother of State Rep. Justin Pierce (R-LD25), and his Staff Assistant is Janell Biggs, daughter of State Senate President Andy Biggs (R-LD12).

Both legislators endorsed Salmon in his successful bid to return to Congress. Of course, Salmon and his previously-announced District Director, Chuck Gray, also both served previously in the Arizona State Senate.

Entertainingly, the news release announcing the staff noted basic biographical information for everyone.  Only one contained a personal note about the individual's fandom for his or her alma mater.  Deputy Staff Director Lorissa Bounds is "an avid (Oregon) Ducks fan."

Communications Director Kristine Michalson tells Arizona's Politics today that the Wildcats and Sun Devils affinities of many of the staffers was a given, and "our lonely Ducks fan wanted to show some pluck."  Michalson added that Bounds "is saddened" today, by the news that Oregon's head football Duck, Chip Kelly, surprised many by becoming the head Eagle (NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, that is).

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