Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman 1st Major Candidate To Announce Run To Replace Brewer

Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman (R) made it official today, he is the first major candidate to announce his candidacy to replace Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in next year's election.  Although he says that he filed the paperwork electronically last week, the Secretary of State's website shows today as the registration date for the "Elect Hugh Hallman Governor 2014" finance committee.
He's running!

His wife, Dr. Susan Hallman, is listed as the Chair of his campaign, and Julie Lind is the Treasurer.

Two others have filed paperwork for Governor, Libertarian-turned-Democrat Ron Cavanaugh and Independent Diana Elizabeth Ramseys-Rasmussen-Kennedy IV.

Arizona Capitol Times was first to report Hallman's candidacy earlier tonight.

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