Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Signs Pointing Toward Recall Arpaio Effort Beginning This Week

UPDATE, 4:55PM:  Arpaio Campaign Manager Chad Willems has "no comment at this time" on the possible recall effort.  Arpaio has only $338,600.07 cash on hand following November's election; he spent more than $8.2 MILLION on the campaign - but raised $8.5 Million.

After reporting on the unsourced tweet about a possible recall effort against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio beginning this week, Arizona's Politics has gathered a few additional signs pointing towards the effort.

Citizens For a Better Arizona, an organization that has been outspoken against the sheriff and that successfully led the recall against Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, filed a new organization statement with the County Elections Department in September 2012.  Also, according to anonymous sources, the organization has been considering an effort against Arpaio this year and is holding a special meeting tonight.

Additionally, a different source indicates that a petition circulating firm is prepared to begin collecting signatures for a major recall effort.
Here is video from 11 months ago, when Randy Parraz/CBA was attempting to convince Arpaio to resign.  Arpaio declined, and instead won a sixth four-year term last November, in a close three candidate race.

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