Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RECOUNT WATCH: Update On Arizona Attorney General Races

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UPDATE:  The Secretary of State's Office has updated its vote tabulations, as of 3:14p.m.  The Republican nomination race between Horne and Thomas has widened slightly, and is just outside the Required Recount Zone ("RRZ").  The Democratic nomination battle between Rotellini and Lujan has narrowed slightly, and is still outside of the RRZ.

While the official count page now shows Horne leading Thomas by 0.09% (319 votes), the RRZ percentage is slightly lower at 0.08%.  Remember, the magic number is the lesser of 200 votes or 0.10% of the votes cast for the two candidates - not for total votes cast. If the differential is between 200 and the 0.10%, there would not be a required recount, but the result might be more likely to be the subject of a legal action for a recount.  This a.m., the RRZ differential was 0.07%.

On the Democratic side, Rotellini's lead shrunk slightly to 0.50% (1,261 votes), and the RRZ percentage slipped a smidge to 0.62% (from 0.66% this a.m.)

(Please see earlier post for more detailed explanation, citations.)

(This post was edited to correct typo, clarify statute.)

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