Friday, October 15, 2010

BEYOND HYPER-PARTISANSHIP: Two Well-Known Republicans Form Committee Supporting Goddard For Governor

One of the things that intends to highlight during the last few weeks of the campaign is efforts to get beyond hyper-partisanship. We believe that most Arizonans are tired of every issue being framed in an Us vs. Them, Republican vs. Democrat, black vs. white partisan way.

The Terry Goddard campaign announced the formation of "Republicans for Governor" committee this afternoon.  Statements from committee co-chairs Paul Charlton - former U.S. Attorney for Arizona - and Sam Campana - former mayor of Scottsdale - were included in the news release.  More GOP'ers are invited to climb aboard.

Charlton's quote: “While I was the US Attorney, I had a first hand look at Terry’s work as an Attorney General for a number of years. Terry is a smart and hard working prosecutor who successfully pursued drug cartels, and attacked illegal immigration by going after the ringleaders and their money. As a Republican, I want a Governor who will use that same good judgment and leadership to aggressively take on our State’s budget problems. I’ve always known Terry to do what is right as AG. I want to see him do the same as Governor.

Campana's quote: “I have been a Republican for a long time, but I also believe in choosing the best person for the job at hand. Jan Brewer has squandered her opportunity to take solid action. Terry Goddard has the intellect and the expertise to bring new investment to our state, encourage entrepreneurs to achieve success, and put the people of Arizona back to work.”

Here is the entire news release.

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