Monday, January 24, 2011

WATCH: "We Have To Go After the Sacred Cows, and Then We Have To Go After Entitlements" --Arizona Sen. John McCain

CBS' Bob Schieffer seemed tickled pink to have Arizona Senator John McCain on his program "for the first time in EXACTLY one year"  - even though he is the most frequent political guest in the history of the program.  He questioned him for approximately 10 1/2 minutes.

Not a lot of new information came out of the discussion, but McCain did indicate he would sit with New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall and hoped Sen. Mark Udall (the original proposer of the bi-partisan seating idea) would sit in his usual seat.  He said it has been blown out of proportion, but hopes that it will cut down on the cheering/frowning game.

He lauded President Obama's Tucson speech, and his coming around to talking about spending cuts.  The issue of spending got him the most fired up, and he repeated variations of the headline quote several times:  "We have to go after the sacred cows, and then we have to go after entitlements, and entitlements have to be on the table sooner rather than later... and the longer we wait, the worse the problem is going to be.  We have saddled our kids and grandkids with a debt that is unconscionable, and unsustainable, and outrageous."

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