Thursday, February 23, 2012

FOLLOWING THE (lack of) MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Pro-Santorum Super PAC Giving Up In Arizona? Drops $613,000 In Michigan

The pro-Santorum Super PAC "The Red White And Blue Fund" may have given up on Arizona, despite recent polls showing former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum closing the gap on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the lead in Arizona's Republican Presidential Preference Primary next Tuesday. The RWB Fund just filed a notice with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) that it spent more than $634,000 in Michigan on television advertising yesterday; to date, the Super PAC has spent nothing in Arizona. (Michigan holds its primary the same day as Arizona.

Arizona's Politics has a call into the RWB Fund, and will update this post as necessary. We posted earlier about Romney's Super PAC dropping more than $313,000 in anti-Santorum advertising on Arizona airwaves.

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