Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WATCH: Gov. Jan Brewer At Convention, Accuses Pres. Obama Of "Race-Baiting";

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer sat down with some of the Politico staff today, and spoke frankly about her feelings about President Barack Obama and the soon-to-be GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  She believes that Romney understands "the rule of law... and states' rights", and that Obama is guilty of "race-baiting" and "pandering" to Latino voters.

As evidence, Brewer pointed to "he doesn't secure my borders, he's told the Border Patrol to actually look the other way, he took 287(g) away from all my law enforcement in Arizona, so now they can't even call and use it as a tool.  Then, on top of that, on the same day, he establishes a hotline so that if you feel like your civil rights have been infringed upon, then you have a direct line to the DOJ.  Oh, come on!  It's wrong."

(Interestingly, she also said "He (Obama) is his campaign," referring to campaign officials she believes are "race baiting".  That flies in the face of her and her campaign's remarks following the 2010 gubernatorial election controversy after her high profile political adviser Chuck Coughlin raised ancient rumors about Democrat Terry Goddard's sexual orientation.

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