Tuesday, February 19, 2013

READ: Gov. Brewer Lists Qualities She Admires In Nation's Leaders

The Governor's Office re-sent me Gov. Jan Brewer's Presidents' Day message this morning, which I took as an indication that they really, REALLY want me to post it.  Frankly, I had ignored it the first time it hit my inbox over the weekend - these kind of things are not usually very newsworthy or interesting.

But, lo and behold, I found this one to be both.

Perhaps, it is because of the Governor's well-known interaction and feelings toward our current President;  her message pointedly - and, properly - honors "past" Presidents.  But, more likely, it is because she notes qualities that she admires, which would apply equally to leading the nation as to leading the state.

She pays the somewhat-obligatory homage to Washington and Lincoln before praising her "favorite president (sic) and personal hero, Ronald Reagan" for his "eternal optimism and shining patriotism".  The Governor - love her or not - seems to seek to emulate those qualities.

Brewer then gets to the meat of her message.  She notes that the "greatest presidents put our country's hopes and dreams before their own."  She points out their "demonstrated dignity", "statesmanship even through the darkest of hours", and that they make us feel assured.  She praises their "optimism, humility and grace."

Her complete message is below the jump:

“On Monday, Arizonans and Americans take time to pay tribute to the visionary leaders who have helped shape this nation for more than 200 years: our presidents. Whether President Washington, who led us from tyranny and paved our path to liberty and freedom, or President Lincoln, whose unmatched courage and leadership saved the Union, our nation’s leaders have guided us through the toughest of times.
“I’m reminded today of my favorite president and personal hero, Ronald Reagan. His eternal optimism and shining patriotism inspired millions of Americans and moved us toward an era of prosperity and growth. He truly believed America was the shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom to which the whole world looks for example.
“Our greatest presidents put our country’s hopes and dreams before their own. They demonstrated dignity and statesmanship even through the darkest of hours, and we felt assured under their leadership. As America strives to emerge stronger from our Great Recession, we should look to – and learn from – the optimism, humility and grace of our past leaders.
“I wish all Arizonans a wonderful Presidents’ Day. May God continue to bless Arizona and the United States of America.”

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