Friday, April 26, 2013

BREAKING: Arpaio Recall War of Words Headed From Media To Courtroom; READ: Respect Arizona Motion For Sanctions Vs. Pro-Arpaio Group, Attorney Klayman

Arizona's Politics has learned that the group attempting to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is seeking a rush hearing on its motions to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the effort's constitutionality and for sanctions against the pro-Sheriff group and its attorney.  Respect Arizona ("RA") attorney Chris Ford also fired back at the opposing attorney, telling Arizona's Politics that yesterday's quote from Larry Klayman was "a simpleton's sound bite".
Ford provided Arizona's Politics with copies of the motions to dismiss and for sanctions.  The latter is posted below the jump.  In it, RA details why it believes the lawsuit filed by Citizens To Protect Fair Election Results ("CPFER") is frivolous, has no basis in law, and was designed to harass and intimidate RA, its donors, its signature gatherers and potential signers.  

RA claims that the lawsuit has, in fact, succeeded in dragging down the effort, although they are concurrently claiming to have collected more than 200,000 valid signatures of the 335,000 necessary to put the recall on the ballot, and expressing confidence that they will reach the threshold by the end of May deadline.  

Ford tells Arizona's Politics that he is filing for an expedited hearing on the motions, based on the fast-approaching deadline.  (The mystery remains as to why RA did not retain him earlier to seek the hearing, though.)

Yesterday, CPFER attorney Klayman told Arizona's Politics that he had seen the motion to dismiss and "that it is not worth the paper it is written on."  Upon seeing the quote, Ford retorted "I await something more than a simpleton's sound bite from Larry Klayman in defense of his frivolous lawsuit, which amounts to nothing more than an abuse of a court system where he is not even licensed to practice for use as a political tool to help Joe Arpaio cling to power."

You can click on the images below to expand.  But, here's a link to the motion below.

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