Friday, September 18, 2015

AZ Rep. Matt Salmon, Ted Cruz Agree That Leadership Is Pulling "Ruse" On Conservatives Re: Planned Parenthood

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (R-CD5) is in the forefront of conservative House Republicans accusing their leadership of playing games with the Planned Parenthood defunding effort.

He is quoted on this afternoon as saying Speaker Boehner's (and, leadership's) plan to avert a government shutdown over the issue "fails to move the needle" and is "pure political posturing".

He was excited about the twin votes that the House suddenly held on the Planned Parenthood news release: “I applaud our leaders for this vote, but now is not the time to rest. We must ensure that any funding bill we pass now contains absolutely no funding for such a barbaric organization.”
defunding and Arizona colleague Trent Franks' "Born Alive Survivors Protection Act" - both of which passed on party-line votes.  However, he stated in a

Conservatives in the House believe that the Republican leadership is permitting these votes as part of a deal to stop a threatened government shutdown over the Planned Parenthood defunding effort, and promising to continue it in the budget reconciliation process later in the year.

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