Saturday, November 14, 2015

BREAKING: Prop. 123 Air War Begins NOW: Dark Money Group Airs Pro-Ducey Plan Ad Sunday

The advertising campaign for the Gov. Ducey-led Proposition 123 plan for education funding starts tomorrow (Sunday), as a dark money group begins a small ad buy on Phoenix TV stations.

The American Federation for Children has purchased $2,000 worth of spots on Sunday news shows in Phoenix.

The spot is not yet available, although the media buyer for the AFC did tell Arizona's Politics that he would pass it along as soon as he could.

The American Federation for Children spent more than $310,000 on Arizona elections in 2014, most at the state legislative level.  Arizona's Politics assigned AFC a #50ShadesOfDarkMoney shade of 40 at the time. Here is how that was arrived at:
AFC is a 501(c )(4) social non-welfare corporation that has received notoriety for its lack of disclosure, for its founders' backgrounds, for name changes and campaign fines. It is led by Betsy DeVos, from the Amway and Blackwater families, and has received several million dollars from Walton family members. These have not been disclosed by AFC (here is their most recent IRS filing from 2012), but has been uncovered by reporters during their involvement in otherschool choice campaigns in other states. The website does not disclose any funding sources, either.
AFC receives a very dark gray shade of dark money - a number 40 on our scale.

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