Thursday, January 28, 2016

READ: Donald Trump's Personal Charity Tax Filing Shows Very Minimal Support For Veterans; Biggest Chunk To "Citizens United Foundation"

Trump is touting his debate-skipping-fundraising-for-veterans event tonight, and suggesting that people support military veterans by donating to his personal charitable foundation.

Besides the fact that Trump does NOT - directly, at least - contribute to the foundation, there is the problem that its most recent tax filing shows little or no grants to veterans' organizations.

Here is the most recent 990 filing, made in November for the year 2014. (below)

It shows that nearly half-a-million dollars was contributed to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc. - $477,400 from Richard Ebers Inside Sports and Entertainment Group, and $20,000 from Prestige Mills. Now, one or both of those may have contributed at the direction of Trump and it may be a portion of his earnings from one or both of them. But, there are no contributions directly attributable to Trump in either 2014 or 2013.

Grant were distributed to 53 different organizations (in 2014). Here is the list of the organizations that received at least $10,000:
Citizens United Foundation ($100,000)
Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School ($50,000)
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ($50,000)
Anti-Defamation League ($26,500)
Dana Farber Cancer Institute ($25,000)
The American Spectator Foundation ($25,000)
Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation ($25,000)
Police Athletic League ($25,000)
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund ($20,000)
Ronald McDonald House of New York ($15,000)
UJA-Federation ($15,000)
Alliance for Lupus Research ($10,000)
All Faiths Beautification & Restoration Program ($10,000)
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation ($10,000)
Friends of Frederick E. Samuel Foundation ($10,000)
Green Beret Foundation ($10,000)
John a. Moran Eye Center ($10,000)
Labyrinth Theater Company ($10,000)
Maestro Cares ($10,000)
New York Jets Foundation ($10,000)
The Unicorn Children's Foundation ($10,000)
The Family Leader Foundation ($10,000)

So, from a Presidential candidate who is worth billions of dollars, Trump has contributed approximately $10,000. (No such contributions were made in 2013.) Ten times that amount went to the namesake founders of the anonymous money in politics movement.

Thanks to CitizensAudit for making the public filings from the IRS available on the internet.

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