Thursday, February 11, 2016

THE LONG HAUL: Bernie Sanders Hits Airwaves TODAY In March 1 States PLUS April 26 Rhode Island (FOLLOWING MONEY IN 2016 POLITICS)

Fresh off his post-New Hampshire fundraising, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is starting to run TV ads in four new states today - INCLUDING a major ad buy in Rhode Island. That state holds its Presidential Primary on April 26.

FCC filings from individual TV stations indicate that Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and RI are airing ads beginning today or tomorrow.  Denver is seeing a mix of 30-second and 60-second commercials - $145,000 worth on the ABC affiliate alone*.

Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma are all on the March 1 calendar.

The tiny Rhode Island holds its Presidential Primary Election on April 26. Yet, residents this morning began seeing some $224,000 in ads for the Democratic Socialist who has surprised everyone who thought that Hillary Clinton was going to easily capture the Democratic nomination. Of course, the airwaves from Providence stations do reach into much of neighboring Massachusetts, which holds its primary on March 1; Providence airtime is cheaper than Boston stations.**

It is not yet clear which Sanders' ad(s) are running in these states.

*There is no uniformity as to the format of the disclosures. Some contracts disclose the full market buy, others do not.

**Thanks to Politico's Scott Bland for pointing out the overlapping markets.

sanders, MN start 2/11, $48k
sanders, RI, start 2/11, $224k mkt:
sanders, OK start 2/12, $8,385
sanders, CO denver today, $145k

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