Monday, March 21, 2016

UPDATE: Gov. Ducey Praises, Signs Pro-Israel/Anti-BDS Bill

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey enthusiastically signed the pro-Israel/anti-BDS movement bill late last Thursday, putting Arizona at the forefront of the counter movement.

HB2617 - sponsored by House Speaker (and Congressional candidate) David Gowan and Rep. Paul Boyer - effectively boycotts the boycotters, and attempts to stymie a movement to persuade universities, businesses, cities, etc. to boycott Israel over Israeli-Palestinian issues.

The Governor's spokeswoman Annie Dockendorff released the following statement: "The governor has been vocal, unwavering and unapologetic about Arizona’s commitment to stand with Israel – an important trade partner and strong ally to our state and nation. If there are entities out there who seek to weaken the economic and national security of the only flourishing democracy in the Middle East, they will not be doing business with Arizona. This legislation makes sure of that.”

Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit (and state pension funds) now have until next April 1 to compile a list of all (publicly-traded?) companies that are boycotting Israel and give them notice of their inclusion on the list.  By August 1, 2017, investments in the boycotting companies must be sold.

In addition, when the law goes into effect later this year, all companies entering into contracts with the state must certify that they are not boycotting Israel.

(Arizona's Politics' report on this law has been cross-posted at the Phoenix Jewish News.)

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