Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BREAKING, FROM THE FIELD TO THE COURT: Diamondbacks Sue County Re: Ballpark Repairs, Look To Get Out Of Chase Early

The Arizona Diamondbacks have taken their frustrations with Maricopa County - the owners of Chase Field - from the field to the court. A lawsuit (reproduced below) was filed today in Superior Court asking to let the team out of their long-term lease early, due to the County's alleged failure to keep up on promised repairs.

The announcement was made in the form of an article by Major League Baseball reporter Steve Gilbert. (reproduced below) (The tag at the end of the article notes that it was not subject to approval by the Diamondbacks.)  It includes several quotes from Diamondbacks' Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick and Diamondbacks' attorney Leo Beus.

The Diamondbacks and the County have been fighting for years over repairs to the Ballpark, which has been in use since the Diamondbacks began play in 1998. The County has recently looked into selling the ballpark to private investors, but there is no evidence the negotiations ever became serious.  Maricopa County taxpayers paid for the ballpark, and are still the sole owners; the Diamondbacks lease continues until 2028.

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