Monday, March 20, 2017

(BREAKING) PARDON ME? Arpaio Not Catching A Break (Yet) From (Trump's) DOJ In Criminal Contempt Trial

While there has been much speculation that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio might catch a break - even a Presidential pardon - in his criminal contempt trial now that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice, the DOJ today opposed even a two-month continuance of the trial currently scheduled for April 25.

As reported by Brahm Resnik of KPNX-TV, new co-counsel for Arpaio filed a plea for the continuance on Friday, noting that his only son's Bar Mitzvah was scheduled for April 29. (The Motion for Continuance is reproduced below.) The Motion also claims that the government's inclusion of Tim Casey as a likely witness also warranted the additional time to prepare.

The Department of Justice wasted no time in filing its Opposition to the request, submitting it to the Court this afternoon. The Response (see below) notes that new co-counsel Mark Goldman was actually present at the January 25 hearing which continued the trial until April 25 and that lead counsel Mel McDonald told Judge Susan Bolton that he was going to be bringing on Goldman (or other counsel) to the case.

The DOJ also notes that Casey  - the former attorney hired by Maricopa County -  is not a surprise witness and that he testified in the civil contempt trial. The Government also notes that there are no privilege issues (as Goldman claims) remaining which would justify delay.

Arpaio himself has been busy raising funds to pay his expanding attorney roster (as well as for his new social welfare organization).

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