Thursday, August 17, 2017

COMMENTARY: Push Back On Trump's Pro-Kelli Ward Tweet... From Inside The White House; What About Matt Salmon?

UPDATE, 3:55: Henry Gomez of Buzzfeed News reported this afternoon that Matt Salmon emailed him and said that he is not interested in running against Flake. (thanks, Dennis Welch)

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Trump's early morning tweet touting Dr. Kelli Ward's primary challenge against Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (after watching Fox & Friends) apparently surprised some on his political team still pushing for a different GOP savior to rise from these streets.

Politico reported on the internal angst this afternoon, and revealed that Citizens United President and former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie has been trying to woo (twice) former Rep. Matt Salmon into challenging his former colleague.

As was the case with yesterday's Washington Times article, sources are quoted mentioning anyone but Ward - this time, both Treasurer Jeff DeWit and former AZGOP Chair Robert Graham.

One can easily imagine a tense scene onstage at the Phoenix Convention Center next Tuesday, with several vying for one (or more) roses. (Psst, is that Kyrsten Sinema stage left?)

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