Tuesday, January 8, 2019

UPDATE: "Radical" Sinema Sides With Republicans In Her First Senate Vote

(UPDATE, 1/10, 12:25pm: In a 2nd failed attempt to proceed to a vote on S.1, Sinema again voted with Republicans and 3 other Democrats. Bringing it to a vote appeared to be a show of stubbornness on the part of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as he likely knew that he had not changed enough votes to alter the outcome. The tally was 53-43 and a 3/5 majority was needed. Most Democrats have demanded that McConnell bring the House-passed bills to re-open the federal government before proceeding to other business.)

(UPDATE, 1/9, 1:30pm: Article updated to include Sen. Sinema's response to Arizona's Politics, and to add the text of the bill. Also, changed "SB1" to "S.1".)

After spending most of last year trying to brand Kyrsten Sinema as a "radical" leftist who possibly committed treason, some Arizona Republicans must be confused by her first rollcall vote as Arizona's senior Senator. Sinema joined with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and all of the Republican Senators to try to proceed to a vote on the Republicans' S.1.

The motion to invoke cloture failed, 56-44, as it needed 60 votes. Sinema was also joined by three other Democratic Senators (Manchin, Menendez and Jones), while the other Democrats apparently have banded together to block any votes on bills until after the Senate votes to end the partial government shutdown.

The shutdown - now in its third week - is over the President's refusal to sign funding bills without funding for his border wall.

Although it is not really relevant at the present moment, the Republicans' S.1 is about U.S. policies in the Mideast, with provisions about Syria, Israel and Jordan. (text below)

Sinema does support the substance of S.1, and tells Arizona's Politics that "I support these bills, and I believe most Arizonans do, too."

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