Tuesday, February 19, 2019

SWAMPIEST OF THE SWAMPS: Whistleblowers On Trump Adm Efforts To Sell Nuclear To Saudis

This new @HouseOversight report re: Administration efforts to end run and sell Saudis nuclear reactors shows the most swampiness of swamps in the DrainTheSwamp crowd!

1) Read the report here. It contains a very well-organized timeline of the too-lucrative-to-kill plan.

2) Pro Publica actually reported on much of this last year, including how it was coming back to life. The new information is how this Saudi/nuke plan has been secretly accelerated in light of the Kashoggi murder and the swell of opinion to sanction the Saudis.

3) Back in the transition and early days of the Administration, Derek Harvey, Trump's Senior Director for the Mideast on the National Security Council, was pushing for the nuclear reactors to the Saudis deal for General Michael Flynn and Tom Barrack. Flynn had been receiving money from the IP3 company that was proposing to be the seller, and Barrack was interested in investing in Westinghouse to make money off of the proposed deal.

4) After Flynn was out of the NSC, Harvey continued pushing and worked with Rick Gates (then working for Barrack) and claimed to be working it so that Jared Kushner could push the plan through with Trump.

5) Harvey was eventually removed from the NSC. Guess where he ended up? Working for Rep. Devin Nunes on the House Intelligence Committee.

6) Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD4) sits on the House Oversight Committee. Arizona's Politics is seeking his reaction to this report and will update as necessary.

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