Thursday, January 16, 2020

WATCH: McSally Moves To Cash In On "Hack", But Doesn't Allow Fox Host To Commit Her To No Witnesses

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) moved aggressively to cash in on her news cycle in the spotlight today, even missing a flight home for a primetime Fox News slot. However, she refused to allow Fox host Laura Ingraham to corner her into saying that she would not vote for any witnesses in the impeachment trial.

McSally found the spotlight this morning when she refused to answer a CNN reporter's (legitimate) question about evidence in next week's impeachment trial. Instead of pretending she did not hear the question, she said she would not answer because Manu Raju is a "liberal hack".

After Raju broadcast the video, McSally posted her own version of the video, sent out a fundraising email with the video, designed a t-shirt with the comment and registered the internet domain with it. (Opponents quickly responded.)

The capper was a primetime interview slot on Fox News's "Ingraham Angle". At the end of the interview, the host divulged that McSally actually missed her flight out of Washington to appear in studio.

After not apologizing for the brush-off, accusing most CNN reporters of being "so biased", agreeing with the host that they make up sources, and (unironically) saying that CNN "should be filing FEC reports with the DNC", McSally declined to let Ingraham nail her down on Raju's question ("You can call me a conservative hack", said Ingraham.)

"I'm not going to tell everybody what my votes are going to be," McSally said with a laugh. She did say that she thinks that there has to be a sort of witness parity - if the prosecutors can call one, so could the defense.

Ingraham tried several times to paint McSally into a corner. The Senator did not lash out, but she left Ingraham feeling Raju-like, as well.

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