Friday, March 20, 2020

INCENDIARY REMARKS: McSally Says China Should Forfeit $1 Trillion In U.S. Treasury Notes, As "Part Of Their Accountability For This Virus" (WATCH)

In incendiary remarks, Arizona Senator Martha McSally suggested this evening that China should forfeit $1T in U.S. Treasury notes and bonds that they hold, as "part of their accountability for this virus."

Speaking on Fox Business Network, McSally (R-AZ) launched into her attack when asked whether people should be "dialing back" on their criticism of China in order to work with them regarding needed medical supplies. "I've never trusted a communist, as a general rule," McSally began.

She then fired another round, stating that China's current actions and statements are "like an arsonist lighting a fire and then coming to help to put it out, wanting to be the hero. And there's a lot of propaganda around it that our mainstream media should not be repeating. We have a trillion dollars of debt with China - they should forgive it as a part of their accountability to this virus."

She sidestepped an effort to get her to comment on the possibility that the virus got out of a Chinese lab, but the Senator's comments fit in with the President's concerted effort to brand the virus as Chinese. (The World Health Organization says they work hard to name a virus so that it is NOT associated with a particular nation or group.)

WATCH below:
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