Thursday, September 1, 2022

BREAKING: DSCC Blasts Blake Masters With New $1.8M Ad Buy, Still Trails GOP Counterpart (MONEY IN AZ'S POLITICS)

Arizona TV stations continue to reap the benefits of Arizona's swing state status, as the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ("DSCC") today disclosed a $1.8M ad buy to blast Blake Masters.

The buy - actually, two separate spends - brings the DSCC total benefitting Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in his re-election battle to just over $5.3M for the cycle. 

Its Republican counterpart ("NRSC") last disclosed a new buy two weeks ago, but has spent more than $6.1M.

The NRSC and the DSCC are the parties' official disclosed-money operations to support U.S. Senate campaigns. Both are paired with operations that accept dark money contributions, and Republican leader Mitch McConnell is currently in a dispute with Blake Masters' benefactor and former employer, Peter Thiel over who should fund the negative ads against Kelly. According to yesterday's Washington Post, the Senate Leadership Fund canceled $8M in ad reservations to pound Kelly during the next few weks.

Here are the amounts spent to date in this cycle by each of these major organizations:

$29,775,670.13    Kelly's official campaign committee (not just advertising) (thru 7/31)
$  5,301,779.57    DSCC (thru 9/1 IE reports)
$  2,966,161.10    SMP (partly dark) (thru 8/31 IE reports)
$                           Majority Forward (nothing reported to FEC this cycle, but have run ads)

$  3,338,840.68       Masters' official campaign committee (not just advertising) (thru 7/13)
$  6,143,060.12       NRSC (thru 8/20 IE reports)
$                              Senate Leadership Fund (nothing reported to FEC this cycle, but have run ads)
$                              One Nation (nothing reported to FEC this cycle, but have run ads)
$10,651,381.19       Saving Arizona PAC (Thiel-funded pro-Masters Super-PAC) (thru 8/2 IE reports)

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