Saturday, November 12, 2022

BREAKING: AZ's CD6 Is Now In the RECOUNT ZONE; Ciscomani's Lead Steadily Dropping

UPDATE: AZ's 2 uncalled U.S. House races are headed in different directions!

CD1: Inc. R @RepDavid's slowly closing in on D @JevinHodge. Picked up 0.3% today.

CD6 (Open): D Kirsten @EngelForArizona also picked up o.3% today, continuing her steady climb vs 
CD1: Hodge up by 2,541 (50.4%-49.6%). Has dropped daily (50.9, 50.8, 50.8, 50.7, 50.4)

CD6: Ciscomani up by 1,382 (50.2-49.8%). Has dropped daily (51.9, 51.2, 51.0, 50.5, 50.2)

CD1: At present time, the recount number would be approx 1,600. Hodge is about 900 above recount.

CD6: At present time, the recount number would be 1,546. Ciscomani is only up by 1,382. IF counting was ended now - it is NOT - there WOULD BE A RECOUNT!

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