Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AS SEEN ON TV: Ads running on Oct. 19

I would like to make this a group effort.  Please post a synopsis of the ads you see on TV, hear on radio, or receive in the mail.  The more details, the better.  Links or scans are better still.

Many political campaigns have become skilled at "releasing" ads without ever intending to actually spend money on airing them.  Arizona's Politics is not as interested in publicizing those as we are in sharing and fact checking ads that are in fact getting (paid) airplay.

I do not get to watch too much TV, but in a short time tonight, spanning some of Letterman and some of the repeat of the (Channel 5) news, I saw:

--DCCC ad against Schweikert
--NRCC ad against Kirkpatrick
--Harry Mitchell ad
--negative ad against Tom Horne, from Felecia Rotellini campaign
--ad against Prop. 109
--DCCC ad against Gosar

I will try to post those on Wednesday, and fact check as necessary. And, as time permits.

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