Thursday, October 28, 2010

AS SEEN ON TV: Some New Ads Appear On Screen; Format of the Future? 15-second Attack Ad?

The Club For Growth is running ads frequently - on cable - against Rep. Harry Mitchell (Dem. CD5).  Gubernatorial nominees Jan Brewer (GOP) and Terry Goddard (Dem.) are both starting to advertise more heavily.  And, the apparently-illegal CFJF/DAGA ad attacking GOP AG nominee Tom Horne is still airing. 

Seen on TV - broadcast and cable - over past 24 hours:
--Hulburd vs. Quayle (frat house)
--NRCC vs. Kirkpatrick (resume) (2X)
--Tom Horne vs. Rotellini, 15-second attack (2x)
--Business Leaders for Arizona vs. Rotellini (3x)
--Mitchell vs. Schweikert (2x)
--NRCC vs. Mitchell (debt clock) (2x)
--Schweikert vs. Mitchell (do they - Mitchell and Pelosi - know what they have done?)
--Cherny vs. Ducey
--SuperPAC vs. 3 Dems.
--Goddard (3x)
--Club for Growth vs. Mitchell (2x)
--Schweikert, feat. McCain (2x)
--CFJF/DAGA vs. Horne

Please add the ads you have seen!

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