Thursday, October 28, 2010

VIEW: Anti-Jeff Dial Mailer That Touched Off Massive Counter-Attack

Earlier, we Fact Checked Jeff Dial's field of campaign signs accusing incumbent Rep. Rae Waters (Dem., LD20) of smearing him.  Dial is one of the GOP candidates for the two House seats.

We finally have obtained a copy of the mailer that sparked Dial's counter-attack.  (No thanks to Mr. Dial - who actually hung up on me* - or those who apparently mailed the initial attack; as the late Mr. Rogers would say, "Thanks, neighbor.")

It does fill in some of the question marks we had earlier, and we will post a subsequent Fact Check on the mailer.  (Some interesting questions there.)  See the mailer after the jump.

Here is the 8 1/2 X 11 mailer:

* He misdialed and reached me.  After I identified myself, he launched into an angry remark directed at some Board of Adjustment.  When I repeated who I was, he abruptly hung up and did not call back.  I have covered many campaigns, but that was one of the weirder incidents with a candidate.

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