Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brewer's Veteran Political Consultant Coughlin Gets A Subtlety Lesson From Goddard Campaign

I did not get a chance yestereday to follow up on the oh-not-so-subtle attempt by Gov. Brewer political consultant Chuck Coughlin's to raise ancient Goddard-is-gay rumors, and his subsequent non-apology apology.  By the time I would have had a chance to post about the "apology", Montini, the New Times, and just about everyone else had already well-expressed my initial reaction.

But, I got a good belly laugh a few minutes ago when an e-mail* hit my inbox (info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com) from the Goddard campaign.  It is from Terry's wife, Monica, and she reference's their son.  She makes ZERO mention of the rumor-mongering, but it can be no accident that the message went out when it did, and with a nice family photo to boot!  Now, that's subtle!

Of course, Coughlin is not necessarily known for his subtlety and may not have wanted to try to be subtle this week.  And, of course, perhaps the Goddard campaign could pick up some lessons in NON-subtlety!

* Body of e-mail with subject line "A message from Monica Goddard":

Kevin and I are so proud of the work Terry has done as your Attorney General. Just this week, Terry announced that Arizona Attorney General's Office has joined a multi-state home foreclosure investigation with 49 other states who are now joining him in this effort. This is just one example of the commitment, leadership and energy I know Terry will bring to the Governor's office. We need your continued help to get the word out to friends who still might be undecided. Our website is a great place to get details on Terry's plans to get Arizona working again with his emergency job recovery plan, a plan to improve education, help women and children and protect our resources:

November 2nd will determine Arizona's future-your family's and mine. We deserve better than the partisan bickering and lack of vision that we have been handed by Jan Brewer. You can make a difference in this election. Tell 10 friends, pass this on, sign up some more friends on our web site and call your local Goddard for Governor office to join us any time for phone banks. Thank you. Our family is very grateful for your support.
-Monica Goddard
P.S. For those of you who have received your early ballot, don't forget to vote and mail it in!

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