Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AS SEEN ON TV: Which Last-Minute Ads Have YOU Seen?

Well, we are now officially into the last week of (this portion of) the campaign.  I missed the 10-pm news (saw it at 11:30), but luckily for me, Letterman's show was peppered with negative ads, too.  So, here is my non-scientific-yet-helpful list; it gives us an idea of how the money is being spent (although our "Following Money In Arizona's Politics" posts hopefully give us a better idea of that) and what an average viewer might see.

--NRCC vs. Kirkpatrick, the town hall spot
--DCCC vs. Schweikert, the mismanagement spot
--Cherny vs. Ducey, the Cold Stone spot (previously Fact Checked here)
--NRCC vs Kirkpatrick, report card spot
--Hulburd vs. Quayle, frat house spot (shared here)
--SuperPAC for America, The AZ 3 spot
--DCCC vs. Gosar, Moral Compass spot (shared here)
--Mitchell vs. Schweikert, hybrid neg/post spot
--NRCC vs. Mitchell, national debt clock spot (shown twice)
--Rotellini vs. Horne fraud spot (shared here)

I would like to make this a group effort. Please post a synopsis of the ads you see on TV, hear on radio, or receive in the mail. The more details, the better. Links or scans are better still. And, since many of us shy away from commenting on blog posts, feel free to e-mail me (info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com) instead.

And, as many political campaigns have become skilled at "releasing" ads without ever intending to actually spend money on airing them, these lists can be helpful because Arizona's Politics is more interested in writing about ads that are actually seeing airtime on Arizona TV or radio.

We welcome your comments about this post. Or, if you have something unrelated on your mind, please e-mail to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com. Thanks.

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