Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NO COMMENT: Arizona Governor Refuses To Answer Question On Radio - Did You Have A Biopsy?; Brewer Will Not Be Turned Into A Shell

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was asked on live radio whether she had had a biopsy taken last month.  She refused to answer.

She wrapped up her interview on KJZZ's Here and Now program by saying that she fears being turned into "a shell" if layers of her private life are peeled away.

The audio of the approximately 17-minute interview will be posted on KJZZ's (91.5FM and around the state on translators) website later today, where it will join similar interviews with Democratic nominee Terry Goddard (last month) and Libertarian Barry Hess (today, immediately following Brewer).  Brewer gave long answers to several questions asked by host Steve Goldstein, who was only able to get one listener's question in before the interview ended.

That caller expressed dismay at how the governor and her advisors had handled the questions surrounding her health.  He asked her if she had had a biopsy and whether she was okay.  Brewer recapped her previous statements about feeling fine and said she would not run for governor if she was not feeling fine. Goldstein then asked her about the line between public and private information, and Brewer bemoaned the efforts to peel away private layers.  (She also did not address the caller's apparent reference to her advisor Chuck Coughlin's initial response raising rumors of Goddard's sexual orientation 20 years ago.)

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