Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: NRA Takes Aim, Dentists Go For Gold, 60 Plus Drops 40 In The Mail, and Dem Group Sends $80K Harry's Way

Our previous reports on Independent Expenditures in Arizona's Congressional campaigns were posted on October 12, October 7, October 4, September 30, and September 28.

Today is not even over at the FEC's (Federal Election Commission) filing site for independent expenditures, but it has already been full of fireworks for Arizona campaigns.  Four good-sized media buys (including mailers as "media") - let's break them down in order, from large to (relatively) small.

1) "America's Families First Action Fund" bought $80,000.00 of advertising time in the Phoenix market to oppose Republican David Schweikert in his campaign against incumbent Harry Mitchell in CD5.   Here's a bit more about this group, which indicates that it spent $60,000+ on this race previously.

2) The American Dental Association continues to spend heavily on behalf of its member, Paul Gosar DDS.  Republican Gosar is running in CD1 to defeat incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick.  Today, the ADA spent $39,133.00 on a mail piece, and $37,975.90 on a radio ad.

3) The "National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund" drew a bead on the CD5 and CD8 races, spending $48,545.00 ($1000 for production) to air a radio ad in the Phoenix market in favor of Schweikert and $12,747.50 ($1000 for production) for radio time in Tucson supporting challenger Jesse Kelly against incumbent Democrat Gabrielle Giffords.

4)  The "60 Plus Association" is putting separate mailers out opposing the three Democratic incumbents in CD's 1, 5, and 8.  Kirkpatrick, Mitchell, and Giffords were the same targets in the 60 Plus TV ads that were the subject of an earlier Arizona Politics' Fact Check.  The amounts being spent are $13,456.53, $12,261.38 and $15,271.81, respectively. (total: $40,989.72)

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