Thursday, October 28, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY FOLLOW-UP: Horne Fails In Suit Against Natl Democratic Group; However, AG Goddard Must Now Decide What To Do With The Group That He Belongs To

The New Times has a complete update on the attack ads which Arizona's Politics has reported on extensively.  The ads attack GOP AG nominee Tom Horne.  The ads are apparently illegal because the group airing the ad - listed as the Committee for Justice and Fairness ("CFJF") - is not registered with Arizona to conduct an independent expenditure campaign in a statewide race - and has not filed notices of the expenditures.  Further, the CFJF is a front group for the Democratic Attorneys General Association, placing both current (Democratic) AG Terry Goddard and would-be AG Felecia Rotellini in difficult positions.

The alleged violations have now moved from the Secretary of State's Office to the Attorney General's Office.  Pursuant to Arizona law, the AG's office now has the discretion to send the CFJF/DAGA a notice to comply within 20 days.  Of course, the AG has a conflict-of-interest and should likely (immediately) transfer it to an independent prosecutor.

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